About Us

Putting Better Practices to Work

Practicing medicine is stressful. At VITAL WorkLife, our goal is to help physicians manage day-to-day stress and work and life issues — and assist healthcare organizations in managing behavioral, psychological and other performance-related issues before they become major problems.

The Medical Board of California estimated that 18% of physicians in the state abuse alcohol or drugs at some point during their career.

Nobody Else Does What We Do

We are the only company that provides a coordinated, comprehensive and confidential suite of services designed specifically for physicians and the organizations that employ them. The result is a total, end-to end solution that lets you access all the services you need — with a single call. We are:

  • Experienced: Our providers have worked extensively with and are familiar with the needs of physicians and the organizations where they practice.
  • National: With providers in every major city, travel is minimized and physicians can continue working while getting the help they need. We can also accommodate physicians who prefer to work with a provider in a location other than their own.
  • Multi-Faceted: We offer wide-ranging expertise in every aspect of behavioral health and where physicians often have needs, such as anger management, substance abuse, personality disorders — as well as family and relationship issues.

Our Clients

Over the past 30 years, we’ve worked with many healthcare organizations. Today, VITAL WorkLife is dedicated to helping hospitals, medical groups and the physicians they employ to:

  • Create a healthier work environment
  • Improve physician performance and productivity
  • Balance the demands of a medical practice and family and daily life
  • Increase staff morale and retention
  • Enhance patient satisfaction and reduce complaints
  • Intervene effectively with disruptive physicians
  • Reduce exposure to malpractice suits