The Physician Wellness Resources

Compassionate. Caring. Confidential.

Research indicates that many physicians are reluctant to engage in face-to-face counseling with traditional EAP consultants — yet they’re often in desperate need of a compassionate listener who understands the enormity of the work, life and family challenges they face.

For some physicians, it’s essential that a peer provide that support. That’s why physician peer coaching is a vital component of The Physician Wellness Resources. We make it easy for doctors to work one on one with another physician — either by phone or in person. We also make it easy for their families to get the services they need.

In addition to confidential support services designed specifically to help physicians deal with the stress of their profession, The Physician Wellness Resources offers a menu of convenient, time-saving work and life services designed to reduce the stress in their lives.

Physician Wellness Resources Counseling Services

Helping Physicians Meet Life's Challenges — Face to Face

Our Physician Wellness Resources counseling services address the barriers that typically prevent physicians from getting the help they need — such as lack of time, fear of stigma or loss of privileges, cost of treatment, and an inability to find or use “peers” for confidential support and coaching.

Our national provider network includes physician peer coaches as well as licensed master’s- and doctorate-level mental and behavioral health professionals. We help physicians — and their families — to identify and resolve issues such as:

  • Depression, stress and anxiety
  • Chemical dependency and addictions
  • Marital and relationship issues at home and at work
  • Anger
  • Grief and loss
  • Workplace conflict
  • Parenting, childcare, and eldercare challenges and concerns
  • Financial and legal issues

The confidential EAP services we provide to physicians and their families include:

  • Convenient, confidential counseling by phone or in person — with a physician-to-physician peer coaching option
  • Immediate access to services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — physicians can call whenever it’s convenient for them
  • Referrals to specialized professionals, if necessary, selected for their extensive experience working with physicians
  • A network of providers in all major cities— so physicians can get help near where they work — or elsewhere, if preferred
  • Chemical use assessments
  • Legal and financial assessment and referral

The Physician Wellness Resources

Work & Life Resources

When physicians feel good—physically, mentally and emotionally—their performance and productivity naturally improve. Patient confidence, satisfaction and retention go up. Staff morale increases.

Unfortunately, between the daily stress of a medical practice, unexpected emergencies and the demands of family life, physicians often reach stress levels that can wreak havoc with their physical and emotional wellbeing. The Physician Wellness Resources is designed to reduce that stress — and save their most valuable commodity, time. We provide both online and concierge work and life resources.

Online Work & Life Resources

Accessed through our member portal, physicians and their families can easily access valuable Work & Life information online — with over 5,000 articles that are updated weekly along with skill builders, audio tip files, self-search locators, “best of web” resources, financial calculators and other tools.

Physicians and family members have instant access to information on:

Parenting: Information and resources covering a wide range of family and caregiving issues from adoption, parenting and childcare to summer camps, child development, wellness and more. Online resources include a searchable database of summer camps, public and private K-12 schools, colleges and universities.

Aging: Covers topics from aging well and planning for the future to eldercare and dealing grief and loss, these online resources are extremely helpful in assisting the older people in your life and planning for the future.

Living: Provides useful articles that focus on daily living topics ranging from consumer choices and legal and finance help to pet care, home improvement and more. Online resources include a Savings Center for online discounts of up to 25% on hundreds of name brands. A searchable database for pet sitters, adoptable pets and volunteer opportunities is also provided.

Balancing: Gives information and resources related to every aspect of personal growth, relationships and emotional wellbeing. It includes a wealth of information and links to other resources to help you achieve balance in your life.

Thriving: Provides a wide variety of health and wellness articles and resources. Online resources including WebMD and MEDLINEPLUS, the world’s largest online medical library.

Legal: The resources provided include an online legal encyclopedia, a searchable database of attorneys and helpful legal forms.

International Resources: Information and resources for living and working abroad to repatriation and immigration, here’s all the information you need to know.

Working: The place to go for articles on career and workplace issues, as well as resource links.

Free Monthly Webinars: The Physician Wellness Resources provides free, interactive webinar presentations on a monthly basis covering topics such as: Time Management, Taking Care of Elderly Parents, Planning for Retirement, Effective Parenting and more

Concierge Work & Life Resources

In addition to the robust online Work & Life resources, The Physician Wellness Resources offers doctors and their families a broad range of personalized, timesaving "concierge" services — there’s almost no help we can’t provide. With a single call, they can take advantage of:

  • Personal Services that help with everything from researching daycare, school and college options to making restaurant reservations, finding apartments, health clubs, kennels, dog sitters and more
  • Life Event Planning for personal events from weddings, birthdays, engagement parties, anniversaries and baby showers to holiday parties and funerals
  • Errand Running Services, arranging for everything from delivering balloons and doughnuts to dropping cars off for service and buying groceries or gifts
  • Household Services featuring pre-screened vendors with glowing references for everything from housecleaning and yard maintenance to construction and landscaping
  • Entertainment Services, from finding movie times and buying tickets to concerts or sporting events to researching cooking classes, wine tastings and more
  • Travel Services, from simple flight information to arranging complete vacations, honeymoons or weekend getaways
  • Business Event Planning, from making meeting arrangements to hiring caterers, invitation printing and more

The Physician Wellness Resources

Plan Management Tools

We make it easy for healthcare organizations to see the value of the services we provide. In addition to educating physicians about the services available to them — and promoting their use — we'll meet with you regularly to review program utilization and outcomes, identify needs and uncover opportunities to increase the effectiveness of any solution we put in place.