Why VITAL WorkLife?

A Comprehensive Solution

A 2004 study by the American College of Physician Executives found that 30% of respondents found that problems cropped up with various physicians from time to time, but 70% saw most problems involving the same physicians over and over.

While a lot of attention has been paid to “disruptive” physicians and the risk of patient complaints, malpractice suits and workplace dissatisfaction associated with their behavior — the reality is that many of their problems started small and were ignored.

Our comprehensive suite of VITAL WorkLife can help healthcare organizations to recognize performance issues and disruptive behaviors early enough that many issues can be resolved before they compromise patient safety and staff morale or expose you to risk of malpractice litigation. We’re also behavioral experts you can turn to should a physician-related situation go too far.

Experience With Physicians

With more than 30 years of experience working with physicians, hospitals and medical groups, VITAL WorkLife offers a discreet, comprehensive, research-based program — designed by medical professionals — for dealing effectively and compassionately with disruptive physicians. To find out more about our Physician Intervention Services, click here.

Proactive & Preventive

Physician Intervention Services is just one component of the proactive, preventive suite of services offered by VITAL WorkLife. We also offer The Physician Wellness Resources, designed to help doctors manage the stress of their personal and professional lives and Customized Training & Workshops designed to create a healthier work environment at your healthcare facility.

Nobody Else Does What We Do

We are the only company today that provides a coordinated, comprehensive and confidential suite of services designed specifically for physicians and the organizations that employ them. The result is a total solution, offered nationwide, where you can access all the services you need — with a single call.